Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ladies Be Extra Careful

Ladies you have to be extra careful, there are a lot of weirdos out there as the following pictures will attest.

Every opportunity they get

How brave they are

Famous celebrities are particularly vulnerable

Even kids are doing it

Do you detect a camera there?

A poster warning of these crimes

At least these boys are enjoying it


  1. Some people are so disgusting! I wonder how they would react to someone doing this to their Mother, Wife or daughter?

  2. It's the boys that got me, I wander what they saw?

  3. Agree with Tricia on this one ... I don't think those men would take very nicely to someone trying to look up their wife, daughter or mothers' skirts / dresses ..

    The fact that young kids are now doing this too - just shows how little parental attention some kids are getting :(

  4. hahahaha. I love the last pic. Thx for sharing :D

  5. Hahaha nice ones:) I got a humour blog too wanna xchange links?


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