Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Toilet Humor

Can anyone understand what this sign means?

This toilet is for men, women and aliens

Terrorists and toilet rolls, is there a connection?

No emergency shit please

Nothing else?
Various styles of doing it

Toilet for ladies,man do it outside, but what is the warning for?


  1. OMG!!! Those signs funny! and Weird! Hi again. Thanks for dropping by my site. To answer your question about how I find music from a tv show, I first start off by googling the tv show name and music. That usually works, but I put in part of the lyrics and such. The other way is to go on the TV stations website, and hope the music ais listed, which is how I found the Castle song. =D Thanks.

  2. haha the 1st 1 is he farted too much then accumulate too much air and wee there he fly

  3. the signs are really funny... i don't remember seeing those kind of signs here in the phil. hahaha :))


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