Friday, July 24, 2009

Campaign To Quit Smoking

This lady is only 25 years old but because of smoking she looks older

It is like burning your finger

You must be saved from certain death

Smokers are selfish

New cigarette might make men quit but encourage women


  1. Great post :) The penis cigarette might be an interesting campaign if really tested out !

  2. To saradiba and Dazediva,
    I knew there would be a lot of interest is the last cigarette :)

  3. Great post!
    Smoking is not good for the health...
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  4. Nice post!
    This ads are really interesting. Smoking is one of the powerful addictions, which can lead to death. Small percentage of reduction in smoking is beneficial for the health.
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  5. I'd better show this to my brother. I've quit smoking a long time ago, but he hasn't ever since I've decided to live in another state. I'm pretty sure that the dentists Knoxville, TN has can stop him from smoking by telling that it could damage his teeth and all that. I wonder if he's going to listen. I bet these ads would do the trick. I really hope that the dentists Knoxville has really does stop him from smoking cigs.


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