Monday, July 20, 2009

Women Drivers


  1. Hey, what you mean, women drivers? (very funny pictures though).
    I've been driving everything and anything, cars, motorbikes, scooters, vans, small trucks, taxis and bicycles for at last 34 years and class myself as a good driver. Driving ability has nothing to do with gender but a lot to do with confidence. I see lousy drivers of both sexes every day on the roads (and believe me, there's many of them in Ireland). More often than not, you recognise them from a mile away by their timid and insecure way of driving.
    Come on over and we'll see who the better driver is, lol.

  2. hay i think we can drive any thing in a more responsible way then men ....but i loved the pics and i found your blog a kool one very nice ! c u again very soon.


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